William Fogg Public Library
Friends of WFL

The Friends of William Fogg Library meet four times per year to offer support and assistance to the library. Individual membership is $10 per year; family membership is $25.00;  lifetime is  $75; family lifetime is $125.00. Membership dues should be paid by January 1 each year.

Committees within the Friends work actively in fundraising in a variety of ways to help the library. Our summer craft fair, the Valentine’s Day bake sale, and the gift shop in the library’s entrance are a few of the Friends’ sources of revenue. The Friends have worked to provide donations from local businesses, as in the donation of a large outdoor tent from Marshall Rental Center. The Friends have provided financial support for library programming, technology, and building and grounds improvements. In addition, the Friends assist in the cost and distribution of the library quarterly newsletter.

OFFICERS for 2013-2014

President: Carolyn Bogh

Vice President: Nina Jenssen

Treasurer: Deb Crosier

Secretary: Nancy Dudek

Fundraising: Dick Bogh and Regina Zanetti

Members at Large: Karen Van Dorin and Lynn Marie Gildersleeve